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The Importance of Releasing Trauma from the Body

For most people, there is trauma stored in the body at some point in their lives. A person suffers from trauma brought about by many factors. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that trauma is stored both in the body and in the nervous system. For someone to recover from their trauma, they have to know the factors that help in releasing trauma from the body. Failing to take this step is one of the reasons why many people are unable to heal from their trauma. By missing out on this step even if your nervous system has been rewired, you get stuck in the same pattern of behavior.

In essence, your nervous system and its different responses like fight or flight, shutdown, and freeze are the ones working at storing trauma. Similarly, the movements, muscles, and sensations of your body also trap the trauma that you have. How you feel and what you do with your body greatly affect what daily actions you do. It is often next to impossible to change what old habits and behaviors you have if you don’t find effective means of releasing trauma from the body. For example, a sign that you still have trauma inside you is if you still snap at your husband for not helping you around at home when you have already practiced and thought about not doing it to him. This is a perfect example of trauma being gone from your nervous system but still ever-present in your body. No matter how much you tell your mind to do something differently with your past trauma, you still act as if it is happening just this day. Again, this happens if you are still holding trauma in the body.

These days, you have plenty of treatment and therapy options that will help get rid of trauma from your body once and for all. When you start physically removing yourself from your comfort zone, you will soon realize how much trauma you still have stored in the body. From this point, you suddenly have memories from years ago coming up. You assumed that these things were already resolved.

If your body stores too long of your trauma, then there is no doubt that you will develop certain patterns of behavior that are around to protect you from hurting. Maybe growing up you had an overbearing mother who gives you no privacy or a narcissistic father. Wanting to protect your space, your flight response involves hunching your back as a response to your mother invading your privacy. Every time your father takes your feelings for granted, your freeze response is activated with your shoulders tensed up.

Today, if you deal with situations that are the same with past traumas, your physical body will have a similar response. The response is automatic that there is no reason for you to think about it. If you want forget trauma stored in the body, then your physical body must believe that past dangers are nothing but in the past.

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